Vice War 9: Lost in Liberty

A więc jednak! Pragniemy oficjalnie ogłosić, że tegoroczna, dziewiąta już edycja Vice War, największego eventu w VC:MP odbędzie się tym razem przy naszej ścisłej współpracy. Impreza o podtytule „Lost in Liberty” odbędzie się na naszej mapce z serwera LCS-DM w waszym ulubionym zimowym wydaniu. Jest to spore wyróżnienie dla nas i pewne ukoronowanie projektu, któremu poświeciliśmy sporo czasu. Więcej informacji niżej, bezpośrednio u mnie (Piterus), reszty zespołu bądź krystianoo na naszym Discordzie.

Vice Underdogs clan presents the 9th Edition of Vice War. The event will be held in the upcoming Summers. We are looking forward for your participation.
Please visit our clan forum for event details:
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Vice War 9: Lost in Liberty

Liberty City Stories Map

  • This edition of Vice War will be played on the Liberty City Stories Map – Portland area.
  • Special thanks to the LCS-DM Communityrww and Piterus for making this possible.
  • We will be using the Winter Edition of the map, in…June… because yes.

Protect/Kill the Boss game mode

  • Vice War 9 has an approach similar to protect the president or kill the boss modes. Each team would have a boss, which would grant valuable points on eliminating. This edition emphasizes on the driving skills of players along with the fighting skills. Expect a lot of chases, hot pursuits to hunt down the boss.
  • Teams will have to prioritize between killing the enemy boss and protecting their own.

  • Small map – The playing area is roughly the size of downtown.
  • Minimap On – All player blips will be visible, with different colors for bosses.
  • Ground action – No helis, planes, boats. Just ground action.
    All ingredients for a massive deathmatch fest.

New Administration System

  • We will be trying out a new administrative system, which will be report based.
  • Each time you report a player, it will generate a case that is assigned to a specific admin on rotation. The admin will be given the direct responsibility and ownership of that case and the information will be transparent to the reporter.
  • This will also accompany with statistics – Punishments, reports, admin handling time, admin response time.

LederART(tm) was used in the design to bring GangstaRas out of retirement.


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