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【オンライン限定商品】 アクセサリバッグ 旅行用 鞄 バッグ London KNOMO ノモロンドン Fulham Green Forest - Organiser Tech 10.5" Knomad-アクセサリーポーチ

こちらの商品は ノモロンドン KNOMO London バッグ 鞄 旅行用 アクセサリバッグ Fulham Knomad 10.5" Tech Organiser - Forest Green です。



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The KNOMO London(R) Fulham Knomad 10.5" Tech Organiser will be a trusted companion while traveling near or far.
The ultimate companion to keep your digital and travel accessories organized, crafted from premium nylon.
Zip closure.
Front zip pocket with RFID blocking that will fit your bank cards and passport.
Main compartment features multiple card slots, pen and stylus storage, pocket for your 5,000 MAH battery, phone pocket, back wall pocket that will fit a small notepad, elasticated storage Loops for USB charging cables, adapters, earbuds etc., and a mesh pocket.
Fits up to a 10.5" Tablet.
With KNOMO ID you can register the unique code with Knomo and if it's lost, they will help the finder return it to you through their portal.
Treat spills with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution, and then leave it to dry naturally. Do not use harsh solvents or cleaning products.
Laptop Compartment: 約 30.48 cm
Bottom Width: 約 26.67 cm
Depth: 約 2.54 cm
Height: 約 19.05 cm
Weight: 11.5 oz

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