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Moje ustawienia VC-MP  

Member Admin

Postanowiłem się podzielić swoimi ustawieniami. Jest parę zmian:

  • TAB służy do listy graczy, F1 do konsoli multiplayera, F5 nie robi nic.
  • Wiadomości na czacie nie znikają.
  • Pamieć gry zwiększona.


game_antialias 0
game_menuonrestore 0
game_windowed 0
game_framereserve 10
game_showdebug 0
game_widescreen 1
game_sensitivity 0.000000
game_sensitivity_ratio 1.200000
game_radar_scale 0.000000
game_radar_scalekey 120
game_streammem 512
game_passengerkey 86
game_reconattempts 3
game_reportcrashes 0
game_enabletrails 0
splash_loadbarbgcol FF9B327D
splash_loadbarfgcol FFFF96E1
con_fontname Verdana
con_fontgap 0
con_fontscale 1.0
con_numoflines 15
con_disappear 0
con_logging 3
con_fillcolour BB666666
con_openkey 112
con_resizekey 118
con_typeloc 0
con_scrollupkey 33
con_scrolldownkey 34
con_jumptopkey 36
con_jumpbottomkey 35
scb_scale 1.000000
scb_edgescale 0.400000
scb_edgecolour 66C0C0C0
scb_fillcolour 77000000
scb_captioncolour FF606060
scb_scorepingidcol FF808080
scb_underlinecolour 66FFFFFF
scb_highlightcolour 660066DD
scb_serverinfocolour AAFFFFFF
scb_countcolour 99FF0000
scb_versioncolour 44555555
scb_scrollbgcolour AA000000
scb_scrollbarcolour AABBBBBB
scb_openkey 9
scb_netstatskey 117
scb_scrollupkey 33
scb_scrolldownkey 34
tag_scale 0.900000
tag_quality 1
tag_maxdist 100.000000
tag_zoffset 1.400000
tag_fontname Arial
bar_bgenabled 0
bar_bgcolour 00606060
bar_armourcol 00AAAAAA
bar_armourxcol 004499FF
bar_healthcolmin 00FF0000
bar_healthcolmax 0000AA00
bar_healthxcol 004499FF
scr_capturekey 119
scr_shortmsg 1
scr_compression 5
cfg_version 4
Opublikowany : 26/08/2019 12:46 pm

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